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About Farwes Homes Ltd.
We’re a small family-run builder and developer business operating since 1985. During this time, we have helped several clients build the home of their dreams. Our excellent network of sub-trades who work relentlessly enables us to take care of our clients’ housing needs and build them an excellent quality, energy-efficient abode. 

Having been in the business for over twenty-five years, irrespective of the changes that have come in, we have learned to adapt to them and accommodate the latest technologies in our construction. We are also continually upgrading to new and better products available in the market to enhance the efficiency of the homes we build.

While we are located in Port Hope, we extend our services to clients across Belleville, Peterborough, Quinte West, Newcastle, Grafton, Brighton, Rice Lake, Fraserville, and Campbellford, ON.

The Farwes Homes Ltd. Difference
To us, every client is different, which makes every project unique. Therefore, we serve each one of them with vigor and share their enthusiasm. We appreciate that clients are more actively involved in the planning of building their homes, which makes our job easier and helps us understand their preferences better.

With inputs and suggestions from our clients, we build homes that look good and feel good, and many of our original homeowners are still in their homes. We take pride in learning that they have not felt the need to sell their home and move to a new one.

One of the reasons why our clients continue to live in the home we built is because we ensure that their homes not only look great but also are strong and robust. We have never had a major structural problem after-sales. We give particular attention to basements and ensure that they do not leak.

What makes us stand apart from other builders and developers is that we give our customers more choices. For us, our clients’ personal preferences supersede ours. We involve them in every aspect of planning and give them an expansive range of options for them to choose from. 

Even after all these years, our clients trust us to build and develop their abode. We consider this to be one of our biggest achievements, and it keeps our passion alive even though our retirement age has set in. Another achievement that we are proud of is when, in 2003, we won an award from the Ontario Home Builders Association for the best R-2000 home built under 4000 sq ft! Our ardor and zeal help us to push ourselves, keep doing better, and keep building dwellings that our clients find pleasure and comfort in. 

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