Why Changing Your Home’s Wiring Yourself Is A Bad Idea

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DIY or do-it-yourself activities are a fantastic way to test your creativity and an excellent opportunity to save money. For some, they can also be therapeutic or a fun leisure activity. However, as the DIY craze catches on, many believe that almost any home improvement project can be completed swiftly and economically on their own, even a technical job like electrical wiring.

If you’re planning to wire your house by yourself, you have a lot to consider before renting the required equipment and getting to work. To give you an idea of how bad things could get, the experts at Farwes Homes Ltd. have explained why changing your home’s wiring yourself is a bad idea.

1. Fire hazards
When you lay electrical wires through your property, if you do not follow the safety standards, you could install your wires incorrectly, which could cause short circuits. This can lead to fires when the electrical system is in use or being tested.

2. Equipment damage
Another challenge you may face as an electrical novice is damage to your equipment. If you have limited experience in this field, you could be using your tools and materials inadequately, which will increase the cost of your wiring project.

3. Risk to life
Electrical wiring is dangerous work that requires training and experience to avoid electrocution, shocks, and fires. Similarly, there are challenging components like hidden connections and junction boxes that are tricky to work with, and only increase the risk of electrocution.

4. Rework expenses
After tinkering with your wiring and facing the challenges of property damage, faulty circuits, and connections, you’ll need to call in a qualified expert to correct what you’ve done. Unfortunately, the cost to rectify your efforts will be more as your electrician will need to carefully check what you’ve done, test it, and break open walls concealing your wires and hidden connections.

Do things right - Hire a professional!
To avoid the challenges we’ve listed above and to keep yourself and family out of harms’ way, it is crucial to enlist a licensed electrical contractor to wire your house. These experts are trained to install wires, circuits, switchboards, and sockets strategically. They are aware of the national electrical codes and safety standards that not only prevent adversity but also ensure your house insurance is valid in the event of electrical fires or damages. Moreover, they make sure their job is done right the first time around to avoid unnecessary expenses.

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