Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Homes

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Building a beautiful custom home will be one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime. So, it’s essential to find an experienced contractor that can construct a cozy house that is comfortable, robust, and energy-efficient.

However, when it comes to custom homes, there are many questions clients have, but they may find it tricky to get all the answers they’re seeking.

So, to ensure you have all your doubts cleared, Farwes Homes Ltd. wants to equip you with relevant information, and to do this, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about custom homes.

1. How much do you charge per square foot?
We do not price our homes by square foot as each build is different, but we strive to render the best product possible within our clients’ budgets.

Consequently, we offer forty-six different elevations and over sixty-five-floor plans in a variety of styles and sizes. You can also bring us your ideas, and we can custom-build based on your individual designs.

2. How much do you charge for consulting?
We feel that providing this service will help the customer in the long run, no matter whom they end up contracting to build their home.

3. Why do I need to pay for the upgrade immediately?
These are unique items that were not taken into account when the house was initially priced. Therefore, to order them, they must be paid for first, or the standard item will get installed.

4. Can I change my mind after an item gets installed?
Yes, you can change your mind. But, depending on the item and how far along we are in the build, extras costs may get included.

If you have any more questions about custom homes, get in touch with the experts at Farwes Homes Ltd. As a leading custom home builder in Port Hope, ON, we believe that our perseverance, honesty, and integrity have earned us a favorable reputation for creating award-winning designs for our clients. We serve clients across Port Hope, Belleville, Peterborough, Quinte West, Newcastle, Grafton, Brighton, Rice Lake, Fraserville, and Campbellford, ON.

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