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Farwes Homes Ltd is an R-2000 Builder

R-2000 Homes

As thousands of homeowners have discovered, R-2000 is the smart new home R-2000 is made-in-Canada home building technology with a worldwide

Reputation for energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. The R-2000 Standard is a series of technical requirements for new home . Performance that go way beyond building codes. Every R-2000 home is built and certified to this standard.

The Canadian Home Builders' Association works with Natural Resources Canada. (NRCan's) Office of Energy Efficiency which manages R-2000 on behalf of the federal government in support of R-2000 technology, builders and consumers.

The R-2000 mission is: "To promote the energy efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of Canada's new housing stock through an industry-I market-driven, leading edge housing standard presented as a co-operative partnership of the private and public sectors."

Farwes Homes Ltd is a Code Plus Builder

Code Plus Building Standards
  • Premium 20 Year self-sealing shingles are laid over plywood roofing; not chipboard! for a durable and maintenance-free roof.
    Benefit To You?  No worries about inferior roofing materials! Replacing shingles is almost a lifetime away! Quality materials now means higher resale value later!
  • What is usually referred to as "Premium" trim and baseboard is standard in Farwes Homes!
    Benefits To You?  Premium trim is usually one of the first things to be compromised for a price! Or, it is offered as an "upgrade" at extra cost. Not at Farwes! We build quality homes to be proud of! All our homes feature a premium grade trim and baseboard as standard equipment!
  • Shop and Compare! We're sure you will choose Farwes Homes Ltd.
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The ten most important things to know about R-2000:
  1. R-2000 represents a way of building homes, not a specific design, style home. Virtually any home can become an R-2000 home.
  2. R-2000 homes are built to the R-2000 Standard-a series of strict technical requirements for energy efficiency, indoor air quality and environmental responsibility, above and beyond anything required by building codes.
  3. The R-2000 Standard is voluntary. Builders choose to build R-2000 home" because they believe that the technology is superior to conventional con and they want to provide their customers with a better built home.
  4. Every R-2000 builder has taken extra training in advanced design and construction techniques. And every R-2000 builder has a license to prove" licensed R-2000 builders can offer you an R-2000 home.
  5. R-2000 homes are not experimental. They use only proven technology, techniques and proven products.
  6. . The Standard is updated periodically to reflect the latest research and developments in the industry, and to keep R-2000 on the leading edge.
  7. Every R-2000 home goes through a strict independent quality assurance process of testing and verification from beginning to end, from blueprint completion. No other homes offer this level of quality assurance.
  8. Every R-2000 home is certified. Once a home has passed all tests and inspections, you will receive a numbered certificate from the Government Canada-your proof that you own an R-2000 home.
  9. Only certified homes are R-2000 homes. Homes that are "almost R-200C good as" or "built to the standard but not certified"...don't count, because those homes don't have quality assured performance.
  10. Amid growing concerns over greenhouse gasses and global warming, R-; provides a model for environmentally responsible housing, both In Canada and around the world. 
Going well beyond the building code... where it matters most!
  • Basement walls are fully studded and insulated ready for finishing; unlike the insulation wrap used in many new homes which will still require stud work before drywall can be applied.
    Benefit To You?  Big Dollar savings when you want to finish that Rec. Room.
  • We use "Silent Floor" joists. The latest thing in the building industry!. These pre manufactured floor joists can virtually eliminate shrinkage or movement!
    Benefit To You?  Sqeak and Bounce Free Floors! (invaluable over the years)
    But, we don't stop there! We screw and glue the flooring to the joists, for a truly solid integral floor system!
    • All vinyl clad windows are sealed and taped both inside and out! Not just stuffed with insulation!
      Benefit to You?  Windows are one of the biggest draft sources in your home. Special and close attention to their installation and sealing dramatically increases the comfort level of your new home!
    • All vapour barrier is acoustically sealed not just stapled to the outside stud walls! All interior plugs and switches on outside walls are bagged and taped! Not just a hole cut through the vapour barrier!
      Benefit To You?  Immeasurable! With the average home having 15-30 plugs or switches on outside walls, that all important one piece continuous vapour barrier can quickly take on a Swiss Cheese look if receptacles are not sealed!
    • Heat Recovery Ventilators are standard equipment. After properly constructing and sealing the home, a mechanical fresh air source is a must! A well constructed, energy efficient home is very air tight; an HRV should be standard equipment!
      Benefit to You?   Fresh air is continuously being brought into your home, controlling odours and stale air. But before it's exhausted, the room temperature stale air is used to pre-heat the incoming fresh air for the furnace; thereby dramatically increasing the efficiency of the heating system. You end up with a healthier environment for your family!
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